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Rocket Wings

Mobile App

Wizard Staff:
The Drinking Game

-Interactive graphs

-Offline serialized statistics

-Tutorial and rules

-Extensive Customizability

Mobile game

Minesweeper Ultimate

-Story mode with 100 custom shaped levels
-Classic mode with 6 levels of difficulty
-Different perspective modes
-Configurable color palettes

Augmented Reality App


Boerenkerkhof AR is an app that transforms the Boerenkerkhof in Enschede (NL) into an interactive museum. This graveyard, which was used between 1850 – 1950, houses a ton of fascinating stories and characters.

Our team of historians from the SHSEL (Stichting Historische Sociëteit Enschede-Lonneker) selected around 15 – 20 of these characters, whose stories combined give an insightful view on the history of Enschede itself.
These stories can be fully experienced, on site, using AR. This app allows you to just walk up to a grave, scan it, and it will tell you a story about the person buried there, supported by lively 3D animations.